How popular is the Syrian regime?

Al assad regime
It’s practically difficult to assess the popularity of the regime. It certainly has its support base. It’d managed, through coercion or otherwise, to mobilize hundreds of thousands to its...


Three massacres were committed in...

Testimony of Activist Hadi Abdulla on Al Jazeera, speaking about the massacres committed by the Syrian Regime against the civilians on 25 May 2012.. Three massacres were committed in AlHola City, and...


Deir Ezzor Oath

Deir Ezzor oath
  People of Deir Ezzor (north east of Syria) took this Oath on 4-8-2011 as Al assad forces prepared to break into the city      


Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

Not Anymore
Away from the US strike on Syria debate, the Chemical Weapon attack, and the whole “all Syrian rebels are affiliated with Al-Qaeda” claims, Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution is a short...

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