Syrians, inside and outside Syria. It was our passion to Syria that had mainly brought us together, along with our rejection of the Syrian regime’s oppression towards our people.

We want to speak out, discuss, and declare our opinions frankly and spontaneously. Our discussions will be based on our opinions as Syrians and only as Syrians. This blog will mainly discuss the current situation in Syria, in addition to the past and the future. Our aim is granting freedom of speech to everyone, whether against the regime or with. Freedom of speech is very important mainly because we, as Syrians, have been deprived of it for the past 50 years.

Cautiously, we will use pen-names until we feel it is safe enough to write under our real names. Even though Emergency Law has been lifted in April 2011, arrests and violations towards freedom seekers continue in Syria as if it the presidential decree lifting it was never passed. We do not only fear for our lives, but for lives of our families and friends.
—————————————– pledge

Since day one our pledge to the readers and writers of was that freedom of expression will be granted for all, regardless of their political views (i.e., pro or against the regime), and regardless of their backgrounds.

• as a website does not adopt a given political view, nor does it represent any party, body, or organisation.
• The website is totally independent, and accepts no financial support of any kind.
• The people behind this project have diverse approaches, they do not belong to any given political movement, and do not speak or act in the name of any group or organisation.
• All articles and comments published on this website by any individual represent the point of view of that individual and do not represent the website view, since the website as an entity is a platform with no given view of its own. It only pledges to guarantee freedom of speech and expression to everyone.
• The website does not set any red lines. However, it gives its community of readers an array of interactive tools to avoid what they might consider as offensive articles or comments.
• The website is run and owned purely by Syrians
• It does not account for any vertical or horizontal divisions in the society, nor does it consider or regard the political, social or religious backgrounds of its readers and writers.