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 An open letter for English speakers

Dear All,

After the shock of the English parliament voting against the intervention from the British army in Syria, and many comments and reviews I read on the internet preventing the same, I would like to comment on the following points:

The rejection is made on the following points:

• The British are afraid of repeating the Iraq scenario in Syria

This argument is not valid for several reasons:

1. Whatever happened in Iraq that was in 2003, which was 10 years ago, since then none of the leaders who initiated the war are still in power, you can’t blame the current regime leaders for the previous leader’s mistakes. This is a completely different situation.

2. Attacking Iraq was wrong by reason, not wrong based on the fact that Sadam Husan was a dictator. The Iraq war was fought on the basis that the country had nuclear weapons; the war in Syria is a fight for justice.
Attacking Iraq was successful but it wasn’t planned carefully with what comes after interfering, however the country is moving forward now and better than what it should be if Saddam still ruling it.

3. After the attack on Iraq and the results, I guess USA and great Britain are mutual enough to come up with “lesson learned” which for sure is considered in any future interference, so that these countries “USA and GB” and their systems do not seem immature to fall into mistakes they have done in the first war.
The entire argument and example of Iraq war mistake is underestimating and humiliating these great countries “USA and GB” identity, civilization and development in the first place.

• What is happening in Syria isn’t a civil war, it’s a 100% revolution, the entire world witnessed the peaceful demonstrations for 6 months; renaming it as a civil war is basically changing the facts and the definition and it’s ultimately losing its legitimacy.

Considering the correct term “revolution” will give it the right to be protected and supported.

When you face a dictator, who is killing everything that is moving and having a media blackout since day one by forbidding all the media from entering Syria that will give a very clear image of what’s going on there.

You people are witnessing genocide, and these things can’t be stopped by talking.

And so far the UN is still allowing Bashar Al Jafari “the official spokesman of the genocide regime” is still entering the UN, how on earth is THAT allowed?

• Why should I save a Syrian or an Arabian or a different ethnicity?
Well this is only an excuse, it is a valid argument, but if this is the case then please don’t talk and sell the humanitarian idealism, when we save a plant, a cat or anything it’s because we are human and we care, it’s not because we share the same language nor the same race, this is definition of humanity.

• Assad is using all types of weapons against his own people, using gas, chemical, TNT, … everything, do you really buy that he is protecting the Christians or the minorities? Can the chemical weapon differentiate between a Christian and a Muslim? Be realistic.

• 8,000,000 homeless and refugee (1/3 of the population), 500,000 detained 500,000 martyrs out of total population 23,000,000 ONLY.
Before the revolution started 1 USD used to = 50 S.P
Recently 1 USD = 200 S.P
When the average monthly income is 15,000 S.P only, so now the average income is 75 USD ONLY.

• How would you apply justice if there is no punishment or law in the first place?
Assad is crossing all type of laws, isn’t it time to stop him after 3 years?

• Syrian or Iraqi are no barbarian, many foreigners used to visit Damascus since it’s the oldest city in the world, please ask around you and you must find someone who’s been there, please ask what type of people the Syrian’s are, are they nice? Sweet? Innocent? Criminals? Please ask among your friends and look it out yourself.

• Being afraid of terrorists?
If protecting my son from a maniac criminal will be considered as a terrorist action, then I guess all human beings are terrorists.

Your silence is supporting the real terrorists, Syrian regime, Iran and Hezbulaah are the main groups, and for those who say that Al Qaida is in Syria, well let me tell you that after 10 years of following them across all the countries, they do not exist anymore, they are history.

Fadi Ghrawi


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