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On The Syrian Regime's Accounts Regarding Chemical Weapons

Following Wednesday’s 21/08/2103 Chemical Weapon Massacre in Ghouta, the regime first denied that a massacre took place and claimed that all videos and pictures we have seen were staged. But when no one believed its side of the story, mainly because of the scale of the massacre, the regime changed its story saying the opposition gassed the people living in the… areas it (the opposition) controls. Again this story did not add up considering that the opposition does not have the materials, nor the expertise or delivery tools to lunch chemical attack of this scale or even smaller.

In order to give meaning to the regime’s story, on Saturday 24/08/2013 Assad regime alleged that when its forces were attempting to enter Jober, a town to the east of Damascus where some of the Wednesday massacre victims fell, its forces were gassed by some sort of chemical agent by opposition forces. This, according to the regime story, caused several soldiers to have some breathing difficulties and the need to be hospitalised.

Later, the regime alleged his forces found a store full of chemical materials, some had stickers saying “Made in Saudi Arabia” and that the opposition used some of it on Wednesday 21/08/2013.

Again this story does not add up for the following reasons:

1. If the regime knows that opposition has CW why did it send its soldiers unequipped with gas masks and appropriate clothing? and even if it did so where are the civilian victims in the nearby areas?

2. If the opposition really committed the 21/08/13 massacre that killed more than 1300 people, why is it that all they could do on Saturday is causing regime soldiers some breathing difficulty and no fatalities?

3. Where are the labs were opposition fighters mixed and prepared the alleged chemical weapons, and the appropriate clothing for that?

4. Would a country like Saudi Arabia send chemical containers to Syrian opposition to make Chemical Weapons and put a large sticker saying “Made in Saudi Arabia”?

There is no doubt that there is only one side in Syria which has the material, expertise, and the appropriate means of delivering. Chemical Weapons attack was carried out by the regime. But when the international response to the massacre was clearly blaming the regime, the latter started to blame the opposition and plant fake evidence to frame it for the crime.

If the regime really did not commit the massacre, why did it prevent UN inspectors, who are only a few miles away from the site of the attack, from inspecting the area immediately? Also if the opposition responsible for the attack, why did he regime not announce a national mourning for those who died? why did regime supporter express their joy for the attack on the day it happened and distributed sweets? Why did the regime immediately launch a large scale offensive on the very areas hit by the CW instead of sending ambulances? and above all why the opposition would use CW in an area the regime want to retake and not use it against regime controlled areas?



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