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A couple of days ago, the Human Rights Watch report was published again; I trust the credibility of the people who worked on it, because they executed their work with professionalism and without bias toward any side; this bias that my country men are still living in since the beginning of the revolution, you see only the people who took the side of Assad regime and the people who took the side of the uprising.

This bias itself is very disturbing mostly to the people who took the side of the revolution; because it is clearly obvious that the Assad forces have the capability to undertake airstrikes against civilians not the vice versa; still the people who support Assad are unconsciously agreeing with those atrocities.

Now, what I am about to say may sound annoying but it is the truth. People believe in ideologies and they follow them blindly without even thinking clearly about them, and in our case Assad side of story. It is like a love story; when a woman sees some photos of her beloved husband cheating, she doesn’t believe her eyes; love makes you blind. People are seeing these terrible pictures and videos everyday on YouTube, but still not believing. When people of Germany after Nazi was fallen asked were the same question, why you guys followed this crazy man? There was no answer; we were hypnotized by the ideology, we did not know that this is really happening.

I suggest who did not watch the movie “the wave” to watch it. It will help out to understand the dictator’s mentality. Here, the whole movie on YouTube.


And for those people from both sides of my Syrian sad story, I am providing here the PDF files of the Human Rights Watch report. The first one is the recent one in April 2013. And the second one is March 2013.

I said before that those people who wrote these reports work with professionalism away from bias; so I advice those skeptic people not to be close minded and read it carefully. You may find yourself on the wrong side after all. And if everybody claims that he wants a democratic country then they should listen to all the sides.

I wanted to highlight some points of the human rights watch report this April. It showed clearly that the government forces are targeting civilians indiscriminately, which is a sign that the strategic war game against the rebels is failing in favor of the rebels. In fact the Assad forces are trying to hit the headquarters of the free Syrian army in the targeted villages; but since they are afraid of getting hit by the rebels when they fly low; they throw their bombs from high altitude; so in that case the precision of hitting their target is low; the report clearly said that the free Syrian army headquarters in one of the suburbs of Aleppo was not hit in eight consecutive airstrikes by government forces. This caused a huge casualties between civilians; but this doesn’t give the government any excuse to execute such airstrikes “in fact it is a crime against humanity”. At the same time this report accuses the free Syrian army of hiding in a condensed civilized areas, so they will predispose civilians to danger from the government shelling.

My point is those normal people; the women, children, old people and those who don’t want to fight are crushed between the government, which kills them indiscriminately, and between the rebels which by hiding in their villages are predisposing them to danger, and they don’t care about civilians too. That’s why I said we need God’s mercy here.

The other thing we heard recently is what the AL-Nasra front army pledged allegiance to AL-Qaeda leader. We all know that these groups are not fighting for the freedom; they are fighting for their own agenda in establishing an old Islamic radical state for their own kind of dictators based on false Islamic ideologies. This is the opposition huge mistake in my opinion, which prolonged the longevity of Assad regime; the opposition said back then that anybody who fights Assad is welcomed to the free Syrian army; which made the entire west back off supporting the rebels.

But this time when they recently pledged allegiance to AL-Qaeda they did not do the same mistake again; on the contrary they announced that these groups of Jihadist fighter are not part of the Syrian free army and they are fighting for different goals. Which at least would get the path of the real revolution back forward again.

Now; what is going to happen is unclear, everybody is waiting for the change; which is the fall of this brutal regime in the middle east; what is going to happened next in my opinion will be better whatever scenario things would go. At least we will stop the killing of the innocent people indiscriminately. The next phase will take time to rebuild new Syria; which will need all the forces inside the country and outside to rebuild our society on a real democracy that guarantees everybody the same rights. I hope by then we will take rid of all these new intruder fighters from AL-Nasra front out the country back to where they belong. They don’t have anyplace among the new Syrians.

Hope; the pursuit of happiness what always makes things go better. It is all can be done with God’s will.

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