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Extrapolation by definition is the art of extracting lessons from the past, the present and anticipates the future based on this perception. At first glance it sounds very complicated; indeed it is, except in the Syrian case, it was clear from all the dimensions.

I realized this fact long time ago. I extrapolated the past, the present, arrived to the solid truth.

Let me first explain why I write in such way. All nations say now that Syrian people are heroes; they are fighting for their freedom. I agree with them, this is something great and glorious. But how much I wished for this uprising to start a long time ago? Let me ask you this question again, why did we realize this fact too late? Did we need Tunisians or Egyptians to realize this bitter truth?

Is it because we are religious people, always attaching everything to Mighty God and stop perusing it? Or are we so optimistic that future will be brighter even though we are under great oppression. Well, whatever the reason was, it does not matter now. Now my people knew the lesson and realized that the price of freedom is expensive and very expensive. I also hope they realize the other fact, that to be quiet and shy under whatever the reason is, doesn’t fix any problem. It is the opposite; mistakes will only accumulate and it will be even more complex.

I will return now to my extrapolation, I will be traveling with you to the past of a Syrian man. See for yourselves and anticipate my future for me; I’ll be eloquent in my writing, so no one gets bored. I lived and grew up in a rural area in Syria in Hasaka province. The first thing that I learned is the fear of our Father commander president Assad “the father” back then to an extent, I remembered I asked then, who do we worship more the God or him? My life passed quickly under the umbrella of fear till I got to college to study medicine in University of Aleppo.

In 1999 in Aleppo was the first real uprising we did as medical students in the university training camp in Al-Salmeh city, I was 20 years old then. Yes, uprising we went out to demand the simplest thing of our rights, back then which was the water in our desert dry camp. We marched carrying empty water containers and sticks to strike against these containers to convey our message. I still remember my feeling at that time, which is indescribable feeling and incomparable joy to stand in front of the injustice demanding what you want. And what were the medical students met with at that time? They were met with security men and government soldiers, they start beating us up, capturing whoever they managed to arrest to shove then in prison for torturing: and they keep coming back and forth over the next days to arrest more student to torture them: we spend that camp in real fear of death. Another incident occurred in 2010 while I was driving back from Dumar city, I think I took a wrong exit on my return and took a road to the presidential palace. Suddenly two security cars and soldiers threatened to kill me if I did not drive back quickly from where I came from. One of them opened fire close to my car.

I lived in Aleppo, lived in Damascus during my residency, and I always tried to postpone my military service, not because I don’t want to serve my country; No, but because I knew that this army is nothing than a huge militia serving those thugs who control every aspect of our lives. It will be the end of me as a human being. In fact it is serving the enemies of the country, pay money for the rich of them, wasting life in serving the officers, and help them steal our minds and humiliate us again and again. Now, it is so obvious; that this army is nothing more than militia helping the tyrant even in killing his own people and destroying his own country for the sake of the chair. Yes, I refused that a long time ago.

I’ve had this question always wherever I go, especially when I see these poor people working two jobs or more in order to live in a country where the life is stolen from their owners eyes in such ugly ways. When will these people rise? When will they say their word? When will they do what is right?

I refused to get married and give birth to children in this sick community. Yes, I extrapolate the past, the present, and I saw my future away from this ugly swamp. I am sorry my people, I love you so much, but I am a person, either to live his life freely away from authoritarianism and tyranny or to die. I decided to live away. I chose exile rather than home. Yes, I chose the freedom of the west than home. There is no home for me; I’ve lost it a long time ago; from the moment we screamed out at the time for our rights, but we’ve been crushed like foreign (intruder) bugs. Yes, realizing the truth is great. And I know the feeling of the demonstrators today; believe me, when you go out once in a demonstration, this feeling enters in your heart you’ll be free forever.

Now, let me go back and extrapolate what will happen?
Well, you know the past, the start of the revolution was perfect on all levels, but as expected from our dictatorial regime, they continued quelling people. Don’t convince me that our regime would’ve acted differently than the way they are doing now. His past is enough alone to extrapolate what is going to happen thousands of times if the people upraised thousands of times.

Will the length of revolution change it? the answer is no; it will not change its objectives for which they emerged; this is what the history of the ancient and modern revolutions says. But is the length of the revolution a positive or negative? It is negative, because the death and destruction continues, and many secondary objectives will be born; the fear of these secondary goals and un-noble objectives will be developed later on. The Islamic radicalism will steal the real meaning of this legitimate fight for my countrymen for their own agenda and benefit; this will affect consequently the peaceful revolution and will stain it with strange dye than its real truth.

I have great hope in this great revolution, and I ask God to achieve the goals of the revolution that emerged from the streets of my beloved country; the following phase will need a lot of patience and the right work. Construction is always the hardest path.

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