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Mr. Fisk

How are you today?

I sometimes wonder how you can sleep. Do you wake up at night afraid and tremble? Do nightmares attack you, voices of shells and cries of pain?

Do you remember people of Darya, children, women and men? Darya the city filled with love and death, do you remember?

Did you enjoy the frightened faces, the trembling voices and the shadows of horror? Were you proud while writing the stories as the Assad’s army told you, how could you?

How did you feel when you shook hands with the bloody generals of death? How was the feeling when your face was covered by blood sprayed out of their opened mouths? How could you sit with them and listen to their dirty voices, blackness, sadism, and devil laughs?

Mr. Fisk, Do you feel proud when the slaughterer used your words in the Security Council to deny his horrible crimes? Do you feel proud when the Syrians curse the slaughterers and you are considered one of the slaughterers?

Why now I am saying this…

Because of the sanctity of death and grief … The sanctity that is not considered by you .. When I was watching the documentary (Daria… brothers of blood and grapes)

In a half hour everything was back to my head, I don’t know why your words and articles came into my head, seeing you shaking hands with the murders the bloody generals or the so-called “officers of the Syrian army”.

Why you?

You always represented for us as an honest voice in our confrontation with Israel and America, but in Syria you are allied with the slaughterer?

Mr. Fisk is one of the major disappointments…

No doubt that a lot of masks were unfolded of ugly faces, but we were shocked by few of them. You accepted that the slaughterer shakes your hands and you believed him, it was your choice to join the murders


by: Polivar Alkhatib

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