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Dear Freedom,

From this day on, things between the two of us will not be the same any more. By now, you must already know how many cherished brothers and sisters you had to take from me. You surely appreciate the taste of their tears and blood. I suppose that the cries of their sacrifice are your favorite tunes nowadays.

In your quest, we went back to our mothers in pieces. In your quest, we bore humiliation and emotional nakedness. In your quest, we confronted savagery and social cannibalism. In your quest, we panicked, we stuttered, we trembled, we ached, we wept, we bled and we died more than once. You cost us tremendously, but we, so willingly, shelled out the full charge.

I beg you not to ever think that we may resent you for all the pain and agony we suffered in your cause. Let all what happened and all what about to happen be our offering to you, Freedom. You, now, belong to us and with us, you shall remain. For that and for every martyr, I pledge this to you.

I submit to none, but God. No incentive and no fear can conquer me.
I object to every authority on the surface of this earth. Never again shall I blindly follow a sheikh, a politician, an elder, a mentor or even a parent.
I raise free children, teach them to question me, support them to voice out their opinions and reward their standing up to evil.
I say what I think, disagree with friends and argue with superiors. My ability to think is no longer separated from my right to speak.
I celebrate every meaning and every synonym of yours. Like the air I breathe, the food I eat and the water I drink, I cannot survive without you.
I am Syrian so I am free and thus I do, I choose and I will. Free I was born and free I shall die.


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