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Free Syrian Translators

25 munits documentary about what happened in Al-Rastan 

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Al-Rastan city was insurmountable to the feudal landlords, and to all invaders, even during the Islamic conqeusts, Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed could only break in using a trick similar to the trojan horse.
The Syrian Army broke into the “Troy” of Homs, with tanks, and shelled it for days, shelled the houses, the schools and mosques.
The army transgressed all details of civil life in it, with no consideration to any of human rights.

Women whose houses were bombarded, lost their sons. Children bodies were torn by bullets… young men were killed, men were victims to diseases, physical and psychological pains because of tortue committed not in prisons, rather in hospitals, particularly
“Homs Military Hospital”.

This movie includes testemonies about targeting and assasination of activists, and torturing the injured in prisons and hospitals.
in addition to testimonies of defected soldiers, talking about what they witnessed in Daraa’ and Idleb.
before he falls martyer.
and an evening demonstration saluting him and his family, and in solidarity with the besieged city of Hama.

A story of a city whose men were killed, and buried in its soil. Everyday, sons die, leaving their mothers to challenge their grief, overburdened by their loses.

But, all of them, along with the insurmountable city, will go on, looking for their Sun, with Patience and Certainity..
They did not and will not see in all the brutality they have experienced anything but the light at the end of the dark tunnel, FREEDOM.


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