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These are all large, and mostly  taken from the Turkish SANA pages featuring the pathetic rallies across Syria. Oddly, the Arabic page covering the rallies didn’t publish as many photos as did the Turkish
page. The grimness of the crowd is apparent in a couple of pictures, but none comes close to the poignancy of the first image from Damascus

and here is another one from Damascus

and a third one




and another one

a third one

Lattakia again

and again

and finally, Deir Ezzor

I look at the pix from Lattakia, for example, wondering if those people are hearing rants from the speakers about ‘thousands’ of suicide bombers in the hills … looking at the faces no one seems
riled. Besides a couple of islands of fascist salute, the folks look concerned above all, there in a supposed regimist stronghold,  and in the pic of the youth in Damascus I saw an even sharper expression, frankly upset, worried, even fearful of their personal future.

I don’t think anyone can fail to read the mood in those zooms. It isn’t happy, proud and celebratory of the Glorious Anniversary. They are being fed a diet of hate and hysteria.

wsscherk, with special thanks to SANA

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