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They say music is a universal language that removes barriers across nations

Chants, speeches, and improvised songs are having a significant relation to the Syrian revolution

Songs about freedom, chants cursing the past and telling the hopes for a better tomorrow, speeches telling people to feel the wind of change.

Mohammad Abdul Hamid Hammoud from Jabal Zawyeh chanted and sang and spoke.. particularly a folk song that he modulated into a revolutionary chant..
Assad and his men did not like his song.. it reminded them of their crimes, of their tyranny. Tyrants do not like being reminded, because they know their end is near, and their end is tragic

Mohammad was captured, tortured, shot dead, then thrown into the bushes for people to find days later.
Mohammad was not a terrorist, his only weapon was his voice.
In his last recorded speech, Mohammad said:

“We do not fear death, because our death is by the hands of God and not by the hand of Bashar. This nation is ours and we are to redeem it with our blood and souls. If my soul belongs to Bashar Assad, I do not want it. If the blood that runs through my veins belongs to Bashar Assad, I pray God dries it out.”

He sang.. ‘yumma mwal el hawa, yumma mwalyya, darb el khanajer wala hokem el Assad lyya’

We’d rather be killed by daggers than be ruled by Assad


A a tribute to Mohammad, by Wasfi Massarani..

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