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I am trying to put myself in the shoes of the regime shabee7a or someone in the electronic army or just a regular person who supports this highly patriotic regime when they see images or footage like those of “Jane doe” who we were once led to believe was Zainab.

Well, we have to accept that the security forces have their very good and justified reasons to kidnap a young woman and blackmail her “terrorist brother” into turning himself in. This is the only way that proved efficient with such terrorist traitors plotting against the sovereignty and security of Syria and driving it into the abyss of civil war and sectarian strife.

Story has it that after this girl was kidnapped and taken to some security branch or remote farm that the security forces had seized in their efforts to secure the borders and protect Homs from the arms being smuggled to it, her “brother” was blackmailed into turning himself  in so to spare her life. However, when Muhammad, the “brother”, didn’t respond to this, a clearer and more sever massage had to be delivered to him and all the likes of him. The massage was basically that we live in a police state where the security forces would stop at nothing to secure the sovereignty of Syria even if it meant sacrificing the life of an innocent Syrian citizen. In this case, the scapegoat was a young woman and it was a good enough excuse that she was claimed to be related to a terrorist.

And so it was decided; she had to be eliminated to send a message to all terrorists out there warning them not to mess with Syria and its security lest they face the same fate.

However, before she was due for execution, one security member fell into a moment of weakness and tempted his very “good-reputed” and ‘‘well-behaved’’ colleagues and they assaulted and raped her. That mistake, however, had to be over-looked as more serious business had to be looked after; that of protecting Syria of the looming threat. That was the end of it and the body was officially and legally sent off to the “family” for burial…

So, what do you think of these event; good enough?  After all they did what they had to do, right?

But what’s with mutilating her, beheading her and burning her hair? And above all, why send her body into the hospital’s morgue with official paper work?

You know, since the “brother” was captured and killed, why wasn’t this body disposed off or buried somehow? The security forces could very well have dumped her body in some mass burial site or at least sent her body to the morgue without the paper work..

How would I or anyone supporting the revolution respond to any dialogue propositions after seeing such atrocities whether it is this Jane Doe or any other martyr who was brutally tortured and killed?!

What do you, as supporters, have to say for yourselves in such a situation and with such horrifying images and practices being committed by the very regime you’re supporting and cheering on?!

Would you keep harping on the same flawed logic and allegations of “armed gangs” targeting army soldiers and security members? And assuming we believed that, how do you justify murdering a young woman who clearly had nothing to do with any “armed gangs”?! Even if you can argue for the necessity of killing her, how would justify the level of sadism and brutality related to this horrific crime? Do you actually expect the people supporting the revolution would accept to go into any dialogue while the murderous security forces are still very much at large?!

Some people argue that such actions are to provoke the public into taking arms as to give an excuse to the regime to exercise more force!!! What more can they do and how much further can they go?!

I ask those defending the regime and attacking the revolution claiming that it is taking the country into chaos, how do you expect us to stop after seeing and experiencing all of this? Moreover, where do you think these brutal practices are taking the country?

How do you expect Dara’a and Homs and all the wounded cities to look past their wounds and pains and forget about their many many martyrs?!  Do expect us to forget Hamza and Hajar and look past this Jane Doe?

How are we supposed to believe that Tal is safe? How are supposed to trust Bashar?

You know, you are not only a shame on this country….You are a shame on humanity! We now see you as heartless beasts stripped of all compassion and ability of feeling. When you support such a regime and its murderous security forces and thugs, how are you different to them?

Are you really humans just like we are?! Did you ever have any feelings or compassion? Did you ever have any tears?! After what we’ve seen and how we’ve seen the security forces bragging about their barbaric acts and seen you cheering them on, we no longer doubt that you are just a bunch of heartless beasts incapable of feeling and natural human emotions of sympathy and compassion.

And you still have the audacity to ask us to trust this regime and this president of yours and give some time for reform?!! How exactly are we supposed to trust him? Would you accept living with a wolf in the same room knowing that he might or might not attack you? Would risk trying to see if this wolf turns out to be friendly?!

I wrote all of that after I put my emotions aside; I wrote it in attempt to reason with you and snap you back into reality and into your “humanity’’!

However, if I were to listen to the voice of my emotions and my heart, all I can say is that I feel very ashamed and regret the fact the we share the same nationality!

The revolution is victorious

Free Syria

Translated by Sarah


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