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As part of the bargain that Hamas struck with “Israel” to free 1068 to 1072 detainees, figures to be confirmed when the fate of 4 female detainees is decided, Weam Amasheh, of the Golan Heights, was freed.

Weam spent 15 years as a detainee in Israel. However, neither Weam nor his detention years were ever a part of the regime’s interest or worthy of mention on its run media and understandably so. The regime couldn’t risk its friendly relationship with Israel, so it was forced to keep such news secret from its people.

Today, thanks to Hamas, Weam is free, but one cannot but notice the blunt negligence of the Syrian media of this event and is left to wonder about the secret behind this knowing all too well that this regime and the media affiliated with it have always harped on stories of Lebanese and Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons.

The deal with Weam is that he, his family and the people who were there to greet his freedom refused to raise pictures of Basher Al-Assad in celebration of his liberation. He was threatened by the regime allies that his liberation celebration would be boycotted by media and that’s exactly what happened. Al-Ekbariya, for instance, only mentioned his name in passing while congratulating all of the freed detainees. No extra attention was paid to this Syrian detainee who was free after 15 years in Israeli jails!!

On the other hand, facebook pages and other media affiliated with the revolution celebrated Weam’s freedom. Weam had earlier announced his support of the revolution declaring a hunger strike from his prison cell saying:

“I declare a hunger strike from my prison cell in support of the Syrian protestors and their just cause and strive for freedom and dignity and to protest against the brutal practices of the regime of unjust detention and murder of unarmed civilians that’s bordering mass murder. It is my steadfast belief that the most important strategic balance Syria can achieve in face of the rising challenges of our day and the Israeli aggression and assault is through achieving freedom, democracy, political pluralism and a smooth and peaceful transition of power so it can be in a position to claim back its occupied land. I call upon the free young men and women of the Arab spring to stand by our Syrian people and make their voices heard amidst the complete silence of the Arab regimes.”

And to the regime run-media I say, remember how you harped on the story of the dean of Lebanese detainees?! Does not a Syrian freed detainee deserve a mere mention? Just think of what Israel did to free an Israeli detainee and be very ashamed!!

Our salutes and regards to our freed countryman, the son of the Golan Heights and our thanks to Hamas for his liberation.

Weam Amasheh, you proceeded to freedom and, God willing, we will follow!!

The revolution is victorious

 Free Syria

Translated by Sarah



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