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Syrian Rising Generation Movement & “WITH YOU” groups invite you to the following event:

For our second and monthly event we continue to encourage students, workers, teachers, and all classes in society to wear t-shirts with a symbolic Syrian map, or any attire that has “Syria” on it, to aware global communities about the Syrian Revolution and to get every human involved.

So on Monday October 24th , humans across the world will wear t-shirts throughout the day to raise awareness regarding the Syrian Revolution and the overwhelming number of people affected negatively by the Syrian Government.

All you have to do is wear a t-shirt that’s related to Syria, hold a paper that has a Shaheed’s (Martyr’s) name, Take a photo of you, and share it on WithYou page or send it to this e-mail :

to get all martyrs names open this link

Students who have to wear school uniform can join by wearing Syrian flag pins to let classmates know about the Syrian cause.

Be part of the event!

1. Please Attend
2. Inform friends, family, relatives about the event
3. Send us pictures of you and your friends wearing Syria T-shirts

Contact the admins for more info, questions, or comments.

Co-sponsored by “WITH YOU” and “Syrian Rising Generation Movement

First event


the result of the 1st Event:



And u can order the T-shirt online here
a few recommended designs , for the T-shirts


the same event in Arabic

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