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The presence of the opposition started about 2 months after the revolution broke out, give or take. That’s when the world started to realize and believe that what is happening in Syria is actually a revolution. Initially no one in or outside Syria could believe what was happening or see it as a revolution not even the opposition itself, which only began to appear and surface after the Friday of the children of freedom; a day that was a painful and sad memory and a milestone for the revolution. Only after that unforgettable Friday did the opposition start to have a presence in the events. Moreover, most of the Syrian people only got to know people of the opposition after that Friday as most of us knew very few or none of them.

So the opposition finally started to surface and members of the opposition started speaking out..some said good things and others were just babbling nonsense. After the revolution started to get stronger and have more presence starting about 2 months back, the traditional opposition decided to take advantage of Ardogan’s short-lived enthusiasm and there was a mania of councils all held in Turkey. Eventually we got to the National Council, which we sincerely hope is the last of many..

After the 2 months we mentioned earlier, opposition members started to appear more frequently and voice their opinions. The people on the streets also started to voice their opinions about each of these members; some raised banners with their names…some supported and some opposed, there was criticism and applause; in short, an atmosphere of democracy was starting to emerge.

All in all, not a single opposition member escaped the scrutiny of the people and no one was above criticism.

Well, the past couple of days, a few things made me happy while some other things frustrated me. I was happy to read some criticism of an opposition member that was held above criticism; needles to say I was happy about the principle and practice of criticism and not necessarily about criticizing one person or the other. I was happy and proud to see the level of awareness the young revolutionists demonstrated. It wasn’t just mere talk and propaganda. These people proved that they had the required understanding and awareness and that they would hold any one and every one accountable for anything they do. They made it clear that their love and trust were given with caution and that they had expectation to be met. Any opposition member that was granted that love and trust had to keep in mind that they are responsible for the wellbeing of the country and the people and that they were being watched and scrutinized and not just for the heck of it and to be picky and hard to please. It is just that now we understand politics and in politics, there is no place for love and emotions; we’ve walked down that path once and we’ve seen the end of it.

Moving on to what frustrated me; it was the comments on that criticism!! Some people were merely not comfortable with the language, manner and timing and that could be argued and each their own! However, what was really frustrating is that some people were dead against criticizing this person all together and a bunch of other guys along with him. They actually had a problem with the concept itself and were saying that this person and a few other people are above criticism and that no one is in a position to question them!!

That is just perplexing!! What does it exactly mean when one is claimed to be above criticism?!! Who is to say that person is not gonna make mistakes and who’s gonna correct them and put them back on track when they do?! Each country in the world has opposition parties..not just for the heck of it, but to make sure that people in power and in the government are always on track and not messing up!! It is just how real politics works. If we don’t criticize the people we trusted to be in charge, what difference would it make to the system we have now? What’s with the idolization and glorification of political figures? Haven’t we had enough of that?! What’s wrong with criticizing someone we love if that is ever needed? Better yet, how about we put our emotions and love aside?!! This is politics you know!

I am not saying to put your love aside as to inhibit you or anything, but this is need to know what’s best for you and the country..we all need to grow up and stop being politically immature riding on an emotional just doesn’t work this way in politics.

And just to be clear, I am not attacking the opposition. They deserve our respect and most if not all of them are patriotic and sincere, but different people may have different approaches. But we really need to get over our emotions when it comes to politics; enough is enough and we’ve gotten our share of such lousy political practice!

Another thing that made me happy is the reaction of regime allies. Most of them were actually gloating and happy about what happened, but one comment stood out: ‘’it is true that they are traitors and terrorists, but to be fair we never expected they would criticize this person in particular.’’ This comment or another of the same sort came up more than once and caused some friction, but that means that they do sense the freedom we’re living and they realize it is something they don’t have. Sooner or later, they would want to join in and free themselves of the miserable reality they’re living..

Going back to criticizing the opposition, it is no doubt a very healthy phenomenon and shows a good level of awareness among the people supporting the revolution. It shows that they’re finally starting to draw the line between politics and emotions.

My objection to those who protested to the criticism is again only to stress the point that no one should be above criticism and that constructive criticism is actually essential and indispensible in a healthy political system. The main goal of the revolution is to liberate us from a dictatorship; we’re striving to liberate ourselves and our country from being Syria Al-Assad for all eternity and that last thing we need is another last name to take over Syria.

On another related note, we have communicated with Muhammad Al-Abdulla to arrange for an interview on Al-Mondasseh. He apologized for the time being and promised another interview soon as he is currently busy preparing for the National Council sessions and would rather not say anything before the Council starts its sessions. As for the criticism directed against him, he welcomed it and said that it is every body’s right to express their opinions and criticize him or any other member of the opposition just as it is his right to express his opinion about anything depending on the information he has and how he sees the events.

My salutes go to the young men out there and to the opposition. If things keep going in this direction, I see a very good future for Syria.

The revolution is victorious

Free Syria

Translated by Sarah

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