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Look dude, we’re an emotional people. I am telling ya, all Arabs are emotional people and that’s a given.

This is innate by the way; it is in our DNA and it is exclusive to Arabs. We’re different; we’re innately emotional. The slightest things move us to tears..yes we’re moved to tears in an instance!

What examples should I tell you about our emotions?!!…they’re too many to mention!

Take cartoons for instance; people around the world watch them and are moved by them. It is different with us though, we collapse…we cry our eyes out and could hardly finish one episode without drowning in our emotional tears!!

Remember Sally! People broke down in tears and could hardly finish the cartoon without the help of sedatives…no kidding!

And Remi! Remember Remi? Man, that Remi broke people’s hearts so bad. There was an excess of emotion all over especially with moms and kids!! Oh, and the episode where poor Remi’s grandpa dies, you know his grandpa was raising him, people passed out of crying!!

Oh, and Georgie…she was a heartbreaker too!! Even captain Majed! Yes even him..remember when his coach was gonna convince him to leave the team and play for Brazil, man that was tough! We almost felt he was leaving Syria, not Japan!! Please don’t say these are just cartoons! They’re so moving and honest and we’re a very emotional people and the least can move us!

Move on to soap operas; the time when Mexican soap operas were so popular. Man, that Kassandra! She posed a real curfew on Syria…come 4 o’clock and the streets would be completely deserted! Mexico was more successful at implementing the emergency law than our regime! And you must remember Luis David and his brother….Ah and that Randú!! Remember the irresistible charm..his body..his bursting youth and his killer masculinity with those daggers!!

We then moved on to the Turkish soap operas. That series Years Lost, it is real name is Under the Linden Tree by the way, was a killer!! When Yehya struggled with his tears, everybody broke down in tears….don’t say it is just acting; it was deeply moving!

Oh and I haven’t even told you about Arabic series and movies..Omar Elmokhtar made everyone cry..even babies! I also remember another old Egyptian show, the trial of the generation. It launched Wael Nour; he was still young and green and it was all drugs and stuff, but he was eventually shot dead in his neighbourhood and everybody cried their eyes out. Remember the death of Abdul-Halim? Some people actually killed themselves when they found out…let alone the endless and bitter tears!! Yes, we are an emotional people no doubt!

Even when it comes to soccer, our emotions are strongly present..Take any FIFA and you will see tears of happiness if Brazil makes the finale and mourning if they leave the contest early. It is the same with any other major team; if Real Madrid loses a game, its fans would go into a deep depression for a week. If Barcelona loses a game, people cry themselves to sleep and miss work the next so they won’t face the gloating of Real Madrid fans & because they’re deeply depressed. You know, it is deeply unfair that their team would lose!!

I am not saying that we’re the only people who are moved by such incidents, mind you! Everybody does, but nobody is ever moved like us..we’re different, we take it to a whole different level. And if you ask any Arab about the secret behind this, they would tell you that we’re an emotional people.

See even in politics..if someone as little as smiles in our faces, we love and idolise him and we go as far as framing his pictures and hanging them in our bedrooms. Sometimes, a politician doesn’t even have to do anything for us. Anything admirable a politician might do anywhere in the world would make him an idol and if something were to happen to him, we’d be more stricken that his own people, who are already in dispute about his work..but not us! We all love him; we’re an emotional people!

It is actually psychological that we’re this way. If you talk to anyone about it, they would tell you that we as eastern people are innately emotional and we get moved very fast. If you ask about the reason, you would hear all sorts of different analyses explaining that. Some would say it’s to do with the holiness of the land and that is the cradle of the Abrahamic religions. Others would say it is the climate or the geography or the effect of the Mediterranean. Some say it is our noble Arabic traditions and morals that we preserved throughout history..many different explanations and they all take you back to the same conclusion; we’re an emotional people!

Ok! Nice..that’s pretty good, but now what?!

Where’s that excessive emotion and where are the excessively emotional people with the Mediterranean effect and deeply rooted noble traditions? Did they vanish?

What happened to you all of a sudden? How did you become so desensitized? Cannot you see all the death? What happened to your innately emotional nature?

I won’t talk about the plight of Gaza and southern Lebanon ‘cause they’re Arabs and you have an excuse. But I am willing to bet that you were more moved by what happened in Eastern Europe than you are by what’s happening in your own country!

I am willing to say that all the people who were killed in Syria are terrorist armed traitors, but cannot you see how they’re being killed?! Cannot you recognize the atrocity? Cannot you see that Assad and his mercenaries wouldn’t stop at digging graves and desecrating bodies?! Did not you see how they slit Ibrahim’s throat and plucked out his sound box? (God have mercy on his soul)

Didn’t you see the massacre of Izra’s? Those young men were only carrying food supplies and snacks. Didn’t you see the Morgues in Dara’a? Didn’t you see what happened in Holeh? Didn’t you see how they transferred the bodies in Hama in bulldozers from under the bridge?!!

What kind of humans are you when the death of a cartoon character can move you more than the murder of Hamza Al-Khatib?

A while ago, the Cuban championship took place and Brazil and Argentina left early. At the same time, Bab Al-Seba’a was being bombarded and Kanaker was being massacred..You would think our people would be moved by what was happening in their own country. Instead, they were facebooking their frustration at the referee and the loss of Brazil? Are you people for real?

Moreover, they launched a campaign to withdraw the Argentinean nationality from Messi ‘cause he plays better in Barcelona than he does in the national team!! Really? Are you serious? What about our murderous doctor with his animalistic genes?!! Can’t you see his massacring his own people? What about his nationality, let alone his humanity? What about your own nationality? Don’t you deserve to be stripped of it after all of you indifference?!

I don’t know about myself..I feel so divided and schizophrenic in my own Syrian self. On the one hand, I feel happy and proud that the Syrians now have a value and a name..that they are revolting and resisting the worst dictatorship in human history and will triumph over it. This to me will bring back some value to our nationality that was quite worthless for so long. On the other hand, I can’t help thinking about the people on the other side.. it is just perplexing to me that the martyrs, the detainees, the protestors who are facing the tanks and the militarily force with their bare chests and the people who are living and breathing the revolution are Syrian and those who don’t give a shit about the blood are also Syrian!!! It just doesn’t add; it doesn’t make sense and my mind and heart can’t take it.

Now, since we’re an emotional people, I can’t bring myself to deal with these people diplomatically and politically. You know it is hard for me to think that we’re taking a different political stance and that they have the right not to be moved because they are not on the side of the revolution and that we have the right to be moved because we are. I just can’t take the politics nonsense; these things are more concrete and more relevant to me. The way I see it is that there is this heartless creature that I have to tolerate and live with!

The way I see it, and I am sorry to say this, is as if I was living in a dark room and once the light was turned on, I found out I was living with this heartless creature in the same room! I simply can’t go on living with this creature for the rest of my life regardless of whether it harmed or not while we lived together in the darkness; I simply can’t! This creature is heartless and has completely lost all remaining connection with humanity and I fear for myself living with him…I worry that I might eventually lose my humanity!!!

You know after all we’re an emotional people!

Oh, and here is a picture of Sally who can stir something in them…just maybe!


Free Syria

Translated by Sarah


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