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In the near future, after Syria has gained back its freedom, and Assad and his cronies are locked up, dangled upside down by their toes in a filthy chamber that has a megaphone blasting Qashoosh chants, there will come a time when we will have to deal with the hordes of Shabbeeha left over from the Assad occupation.

We need to deal with civilians that
- went and helped kill/beat up demonstrators,
- called in the demos to the authorities.
- pointed out other people that were in demos.
- recorded the demos concentrating on demonstrators faces, in order to hand in to the (in)security forces.
- are very vocal in defending (even encouraging) the atrocities the army and security forces commit.
- call up TV stations to say things like “I’m in downtown Hama and I’m having a picnic with my family, nothing’s happening!!”
not to mention the “Cyber Army” platoon, at least the above have faces we can recognize, those cyber shabbeeha will probably remain only with their laptops adorned with Abuhafer’s face on their wallpaper.

So what to do with these characters? I say that one of the things that the National Council must address quickly is how will future Syria deal with these types. These people can be won over if they believe they can atone for what they did in future Syria, and therefore, not only be a quickening factor in toppling the regime, but a building stone in future Syria.

I propose forming a “Stockholm Syndrome Rehabilitation Center”. One that teaches people to accept other opinions, to not go on a rampage when they hear the word “freedom”…

Come to think about it, this should be done now. The main gripes of these civil shabbeeha can be summarized in the questions:
What is this freedom that you ask for?
What don’t you like about the regime?
If not Assad then who is fit to lead this nation?

These questions should be addressed systematically and in a very detailed way through elaborate well directed videos, to show these people how they’re being brainwashed by the regime.
One video can start with a guy saying “This country needs oppression to run properly. People need to be ruled with an iron fist” and then show him moving away to Germany, and in there he’d commit all sorts of “faux-pas” from not standing in queues, littering etc.. and then showing him slowly adapting to their laws and being active in speaking venues and such.. then have him return back to Syria facing all sorts of situations that he was accustomed to before he got “Corrected” and how he would react to them, but then slowly but surely how he himself would part-take in the same old behavior, all to show how if your environment doesn’t respect you,  or laws aren’t being applied to protect or respect the citizens, people will always scrape by doing the bare minimum of civility.

“Correctional” campaigns such as these will have people warm up to changing attitudes. People will realize that Assads are a mere blemish on the history of this country. 40 Years in the life of Syria is nothing, yet the Assads shanghai’d the name of this country tying it up to their existence, brainwashing the masses into thinking that they go hand-in-hand.

The above video scenario is a spur of the moment type brain blurt. Try to think up ideas like that and post them in the comment box. Let’s do this!

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