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In Syria It’s all began

School. University. in all of it there is absent shadow

A student’s shadow

A teacher’s shadow

A chair’s shadow

A schools shadow

All that may not exist know, in Syria. Anyone out there can bare it?

Entirety death, we are on the side of the road (life)

Through the little that have been blogged, and many that have been forgotten

 It’s a shadow of greatness

Classify it, are you celebrating a classification?

He is a human, he is something

It is the school, crossing a missing shade

He is something, and the something may be a child

Something he is. sitting on a flag stained by thoughts,  before army bullets

…Endure death, you are vindictive “they say”

 If you killed a child, you killed the school

You killed who crosses a school

Celebrate. In celebrating, your are marked the venerable ancient death of yours

Be one of two

Either the shadow or the country


To take a lesson, count your students

Is there a flayed skin?

Any missing organs


To take a lesson

Ask your teacher

Is his child killed?

Is his body hanging by a flag?

A shadow is missing?


To take a lesson

Ask about your people you role

Leading by chance

Eating them by chance

Playing with them like a shadow that does not exist

To take a lesson

Take a cover by your shoes

In your shoe there is allot of slaves

An be aware

I swear by my day, you will take a lesson

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