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It’s Monday the 22nd of August.

A UN humanitraian mission is conducting an investigation on the situation in Syria.
the delegation was in Homs on Monday.

In preparation for the delegation’s visit, they Syrian army withdrew from the streets, pulling tanks and armed forces away from sight. People of Homs took advantage of having moments of safety, and gathered in the Clock Tower Square (now called Liberty Square) for the the first time since the attempted sit-in, which ended in a massacre in April.

They waited for the delegation to arrive, and held banners and signs calling for toppling the regime and ousting Bashar Assad. Moreover, many of the signs said “S.O.S”. To the people of Homs, this might have been their only chance to tell the world that they’re being cold bloodedly massacred, and are in need to be saved.

Videos showing people oh Homs welcoming the delegation:



Later in the day and after the delegation left Homs, it was payback time by the regime.
Tanks were relocated to their positions, and armed forces spread around the city as before, and the terror returned.

Reports talk about 7 – 10 martyrs in Homs yesterday. Among the martyrs is a baby.

This is not an attempt to report news. This article is to present evidence that those protesters are unarmed civilians (unlike the regime’s allegations) and that regime’s men are the ones butchering civilians.


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