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its been a while since we have heard or seen anything from Bashar’s trophy wife Asma Al-Assad . The last time we saw her, was in a Vogue magazine article, where her London based public relation office had arranged (and payed) for an extensive article covering the life, accomplishments and beauty of Asma…. bad investment Asma, Vogue has deleted this article off their website after the first day your husband butchered the syrian people…

Anyway, she is back in London out of harm’s way while hubby crushes Syria’s democracy movement.

The irony is that she was very outspoken about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, where she had an interview with CNN, using her London accent to talk about the gruesome conditions and killings that Gaza had to suffer… and portray herself and her husband as  “humanitarians”.




its funny how the world works… the interview was conducted in 2009, and here we are in 2011, same exact horrible acts that Asma talked about, is happening in her home country. lets read some excerpts from her interview with CNN back then:


“You wake up in the morning, you feed — you give your children a glass of milk.  Mothers in Gaza can’t do that.  But why?  Because no milk gets through.”

- Yea that’s what happened in Daraa a couple months ago, you twat. the Syrian government cut off food supplies to pressure the people into stopping demonstrations. that’s when artists of Syria came out with the “The Calling of Milk Declaration” condemning the food supply cut off to people in Daraa.

“Mothers — think about when you put your children to bed at night.  This is something I think on a daily basis.  You put your children to bed at night and you expect to see them in the morning.  That’s a luxury that people in Gaza just do not have.”

- Thanks to your hubby, we don’t have that luxury in Syria anymore either.

“Talk is cheap.  It’s not enough to say that we want peace.”

this is just some of the things Asma expressed during her glorious times. Now where is she to say the same thing about the horrible massacre that her husband is committing? where? its true, talk is cheap.


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