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@God: I know you are busy managing this huge universe, i know…you didn’t have rest since genesis, not even in the seventh day…i know you are always there, omnipotent and omnipresent, I tagged you on Facebook many times, and still no reply, I know it’s my fault because i never added you as a friend, maybe I am not your friend because i don’t believe in you…but what about those who do believe? There are thousands of them out there…yelling in the streets, oh Allah..oh God. Please save us!
Muslims and Christians, even atheists are begging you to get involved in this “holy land”…do you still live there btw? You remember Damascus? You mentioned it in the bible…and many times yes, I am reminding you just in case you have Alzheimer, you are too old and i am sorry about this, maybe when i reach your age I’ll be worst!
I know you moved to Europe, then to the USA two centuries ago, I heard you have a big house on the west coast, where you make BBQ every Sunday and invite all the saints, you have angles to serve your guests with drinks…and sometimes you just show off your power, last time you turned 50 m3 from the ocean’s salty water into sweet baileys!
Why don’t you use your power for something more efficient? What about a trip to your old house? Why don’t you visit Damascus again? i mean come on you don’t need a visa to get in there, they cannot kill you because you are immortal, they cannot defeat you…
I mean you made a woman pregnant without having sex, I don’t find it that interesting… nowadays we are just doing it the opposite way (sorry to disappoint you), Why don’t you let FREEDOM to be born without wasting blood? Have you seen Hamza? He was a 12 years old boy…his mother had sex to have him (sorry again i know you hate sex because you cannot enjoy it),maybe he deserved to be killed by security forces…how’s he btw? I am sure you already met him in heaven…he was making love to those girls up there…how do you call it? “Holly orgy”, right?
Talking about sex (i know you like that topic even if you pretend you are asexual)…do you know this dictatorship is fucking us? Do you know that they raped the land and gave it the family name of the SOB president we have? They call it now “Syria al Assad”….oh yes! Does any land have your name or your son’s name? He’s more god than you are buddy! Keep acting like this and he will take your place soon!
They are saying his name even in some churches, and mosques!! What the hell are you waiting for? I mean do we have to pay you to get involved? Are you waiting for orders from the president of the USA maybe? he is not going to call you as well…and nobody will…even those who still believe in you right now, even those who are ready to do anything for your sake, even those who are cursing me right now for writing to you like this, they will know soon, that you are just another king….like our kings…you are another dictator, the only difference between you and our dictator per example…is his power (which you don’t have), but on the other side, he is MORTAL…which is actually good news!
We will keep fighting for our freedom, dear god…you just leave us…please don’t get involved in this, every time you put yourself in the middle, we have a war…
Just don’t put yourself in the middle EAST!
We had enough!
Your ex-slave
And a free man from now on!
Abu Hamza!
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