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Is it possible the skies of our beloved cities would glare with fireworks the very night we get murdered by the hundreds?!!

It happened in Cairo five years ago, when hundreds of Egyptians roamed the streets of the city declaring a massive state of joy and celebration over winning some football match (National African Championship 2006).

While in the very same time and as widely broadcasted in the international media, hundreds of their fellow citizens were facing a horrific fate that sealed their ominous journey back home in the Red Sea and led to the loss of their lives.

Al-Salam 98 was by far the Egyptian Titanic of 2006, and yet when I desperately was trying to listen to any news on the subject through my car radio, I was also forbidden by the festive crowds on the streets that night to drive through unless I blow off the horn and wave the flag.

The same nightmare has been repeated two days ago in Omayad Square – Damascus (Sahat Al-Amawyeen) …

Where thousands of young Syrians along with some Lebanese and Syrian performers have turned the city into the biggest circus ever, except that their show of complete humiliation and submission was pathetic rather than entertaining.

Those excuses for human beings have chosen to dance on the graves of their fellow citizens just to show solidarity with their excuse for a president, asserting how cheap and expendable they are.

They have chosen to ignore the fact that their own country is mourning and yet to moan the death of hundreds of Free Syrians who dared claiming dignity and a better tomorrow, not only for their own children but also for the children of those clowns.

Dishonoring our dead is neither accepted nor tolerated anymore…

Supporting murderers is no longer considered freedom of choice or some political entitlement, it should be perceived as murder accessory where its perpetrators must suffer severe consequences.

If there is anything that would describe the legacy created over the years by corrupt barbaric regimes such as Hosni Mubarak’s and The Assad’s, it is complete disregard and total contempt to Human Life, let alone the whole concept of Human Rights, turning our countries to mansions where citizens must settle for the life of sheeps and hound dogs.

If the year 2011 represents anything…
It is a Wakeup Call, an Invitation to honor our rightful existence in life.

Wael Zaki

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