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I admit that I waited for Assad’s speech for such a long time. I was convinced that his speech will be different this time, simply telling myself that before any presidential speech, addressing the nation, a massive amount of intelligence security information is being analysed in order to determine the state of the nation. I believed as well that the presidents around the world try to stand on writers and journalists’ opinions, not to mention their consultants. But clearly, I got disappointed. Rather, everyone was.

What a tough disappointment. Assad does not hear, see or read. Still, he is willing to give lessons to all nearby countries. The teaching profession was and still is the characteristic of my professional life, and through it and those who taught me, I’ve realized that the teacher says the word after having read a book about it. The Assad has spoken, but I hope he could keep silent.

After all these months, Assad wants to give lessons. Does he really realize what he is willing to offer for the Arab world? If we review carefully the past few months, we will discover that it will be lessons in how to maintain the dictatorship and its benefits. Assad’s can actually release a book in that. A book is titled as “the commandments of the survival with slavery”. Such a book could hold several chapters:

1. My father’s chair before he’s buried in his grave,
2. A reform speech with rotten components,
3. Opponents’ diversion into traitors,
4. International media blackout,
5. The use of security forces as thugs to terrify people,
6. How to kill opponents as criminals,
7. Death squads eliminate questionable loyalty soldiers,
8. Making a non-valuable speech,
9. Conclusion (he won’t be able to write it)

The Content of the book has consumed the process steps, but a blind and deaf author won’t be able to write his own desired conclusion. The conclusion is being written by those who make today’s actions for better tomorrow. It will all be about: a lion left the land after owning an inherited authority exercised oppression and humiliation for four long decades, against a folk has been always just a great civilization maker.

KarimLailah – Translated from the original article in Arabic by Mohammad Al-Attrach

Note from the editor: Assad in Arabic translate to Lion.

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