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Many people keep hammering me with too many different questions about Syria particularly these days as they have been watching the news coming from the middle east… I will try to summaries some of these questions and see how I can fit my answers with them!


The first and most important question has been always why I’m so bothered about the Syrian crisis? I have left the country and I’m living in the “free” world now…. And I have all the means to live comfortably with no problem


I’m Syrian!…. I was born and raised in Syria…. I love Syria and I owe lots to this land and its people…. I have escaped the suppression and low living standard there and I wish all the Syrians to live comfortably and freely with no fear and suppression. I believe that it’s about time for a change in Syria…. I believe that Syria has got all the means to become one of the best countries in the region… I believe that we the Syrians deserve a better chance and a better future, for us and for our children. If we don’t change the country now…. Time will pass and things will get worse and we will pay a double price in the future …. I’m Syrian and I have the right to say what I think about Syria loudly with no fear…. I have a share of Syria my home country and no one can deprive me from my rights to express my opinion about my home country.

Since I left Syria I have always lived one dream…. A dream of going back there and live again between my friends and loved ones…. it’s my culture… my memories and my vision toward my home country that I want to protect…. I think that this regime is crushing down all my dreams and preventing Syria from becoming an advanced modern country as it should’ve been…. I have the right to speak up and say what I think about Syria… and I think all the Syrians inside and outside the country have the right to do so without fear of being tortured and killed just like what’s happening right now…. If I’m enjoying the luxury of freedom where I live now that doesn’t mean I must forget about millions of young people back home who can’t even say one simple word “freedom” without fear


The second question is about what is exactly happening in syria….. is it really people asking for freedom?… or is it just another chapter of the conspiracy theory ?….

My response to such question is always in the same way…. As far as I’m concerned, it is just regular people just like me and you, fed up with a totalitarian regime, a dictatorship, the corruption and suppression in the country. so we are asking for a change and for our freedom… it turns out that the regime is still living in the middle ages and wishes to crush such cause with absolute power!… I’m not a politician and will never be one…. So I don’t actually care about the conspiracy theory when the regime tanks are killing my people in the street just because they are shouting for freedom! It is just not right


The third question… is about what kind of change we are asking for?

As for the people who know me, they know that I’m not religious by all standard so the question is always about what do I think the people in Syria want…. Do they want an Islamic government or what?…. my answer to such question is never short!…. it always about the history of Syria and how people of Syria have tolerated each other since thousands of years…. I always elaborate and keep telling people about the variety of the Syrians and how this current regime is trying desperately to play with the sectarian card to frighten people and keep them under control…. People in the street… the majority of them are just asking for freedom… and to start with they were asking for nothing more than reforms but the brutality of the regime has just escalated the situation and left us with no other choice but to put our feet down and say that’s enough. We don’t want this regime anymore….. I think that some protesters are thinking about “Islamic revolution” in the back of their heads but as far as I know the majority of them are just asking for freedom to start with …. And most of the well-educated Syrians who support this movement are asking for a new constitution that equally deals with all Syrians with no discrimination whatsoever! So I’m not too worried about extremists reaching the power at any stage in the future if we have free election


These are the main question I always get asked from people where I live…. It is never an easy job to explain or to make things clear to them…. But I have to admit that almost all of them understand and sympathize with us all the way, and actually understand that I just want the Syrians to be able to speak up openly about whatever they think about with no fear from anything!!



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