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Early March 2011a group of kids in the city of Daraa south of Syria graffitied on their school’s wall some statments against the Syrian president Bashara Al-assad and its regime, as a kids’ joke. Al-assad security force in Daraa led by Al assad’s cousin tore the wall down, detained the kids, and took them to an unknown place for torture. No one dared to stop the security forces from doing so. However, it was the kids’ mothers who couldn’t accept the fact that their kids are were detained and tortured. So, they went to the city mosque and started insulting all men praying there for being cowards and for not doing anything to free the kids from the brutal hand of Al Assad security forces.
Finally a group of men agreed on meeting with the governor of Daraa to beg him to release the kids.

The governor of Daraa kicked the men out, threatened them with their lives, and threatened to have his men rape their wives if they ever came back again with the same demands. The corrupted governor saw those kids as criminals who insulted the great president and who deserved all torture happening to them.

It was enough for any human being to say that’s it, I can’t take it anymore! That’s when people of Daraa went to the streets to protest in a group of hundreds as a start, but Al-assad security forces acted swiftly (or that what they thought!) and opened fire directly on the peaceful protesters using live ammunition, killing tens of them in few minutes. adding to that they prevented all the wounded from getting any medical aids and they let them bleed to death.

The next day while people of Darra were trying to burry their deads, Al-Assad security forces opened fire at them again and killed more and more. Same senareo continued to happen again and again for the next few days and the number of innocent people being killed raised to hundreds when the whole province of Darra eventually rose against Al assad brutal regime

That was the beginning of everything in Syria. Believe it or not everything written above is a true story that happened in Syria in March 2011 (twenty first century!!!) and its not a tale from the dark ages

As things continued to escalate, Al assad security forces did almost the same thing in the suburb of Douma near Damascus when its people said enough killing in Daraa. Tens of people killed there in the same brutal way while Al-Assad media were promoting a propaganda of silly stories of intruders, extremists, and a conspiracy against Syria and its great president. The army eventually was sent by president Assad’s orders to Daraa to completely crush down the uprising there thinking that will be the end of everything. But he was wrong, again.

Another city rose against his brutal fist and it was the city of Homs this time. Unfortunately the regime did the same massacre there and killed tens of innocent people on the “good Friday”. It was truly a great Friday for the Syrians as at that day hundreds of people were slaughtered in the streets by  Assad’s security forces and “Shabeha” (armed thugs).

The army continued to enter Syrian cities one by one letting the death squads do all the dirty work of torturing and killing of innocent people.
This story actually went on and on and on and the number of deaths now in Syria has reached around 2000, the number of detainees  reached 15000, and the number of refugees has exceeded 11000.

This regime will never stop. They will carry on killing, torturing and suppressing if we don’t stop them right now, and if we don’t kick them out of power, we will never have a safe future. The story of Daraa will continue to happen again and again in the future if we don’t throw these criminals out of power now. The protesters in the Syria are using all the possible means to keep their demos peaceful and harmless to anyone despite all the killing and all the propaganda against them from this regime. I believe in their cause, and I’m proud of being a passionate supporter for such an honest cause. These people deserve a better life and they are fighting for it and they will win in the end.

I don’t believe a single word about reforms coming from Al-Assad  and its killing machine. This regime has lost its creditability and no one can trust these criminals after everything they have done and everything they are willing to do to stay in power. A regime that allows itself to torture children and kill thousands of people is not trustworthy and should be dealt with as an international criminal for its crimes against humanity.

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