How popular is the Syrian regime?

Al assad regime
It’s practically difficult to assess the popularity of the regime. It certainly has its support base. It’d managed, through coercion or otherwise, to mobilize hundreds of thousands to its...


Stop the Executions in Baba Amr

  An activity under the title “Stop the Executions in Baba Amr’’ was launched on 6-3-2012 in coordination with activists and prominent revolutionary figures in Homs in a campaign to save...


Field Hospitals in Syria and...

Field Hospitals in Syria
Published on Disability Rights Syria, Article in Arabic  Translated by  Free Syrian Translators. Thursday, 11 October 2012 Dr. Shahrazad Junde The recovery room in one of the houses, which...


The Bloodless Massacre

the bloodless massacre
The Bloodless Massacre, a documentary by Al-Jazeera network that depicts what happened in Eastern and Western Ghouta on August 21, 2013 after it was shelled with chemical weapons by the Syrian...


Syria, Summarized

Syria Summarized
[youtube] Like for Syria

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